Warranty Policy

Your Birgie Jewellery comes with a 3 year-warranty that covers any manufacturing defects and any necessary repair will be conducted free of charge under the following terms and conditions:


Birgie Jewellery merchandise has a lifetime warranty guaranteed against defects in manufacturing and workmanship. This warranty does not apply to items subjected to excessive wear, abuse or physical damage whether accidental or otherwise. Upon acceptance of delivery, insurance and protection of merchandise becomes the sole responsibility of the customer and Birgie Jewellery shall not be held liable for any loss, theft or resulting damages that may subsequently occur.

If the purchased fine jewel has been in any way tampered with or altered by the customer, another jeweller or any other third party, the lifetime warranty and the return policy will cease to apply, and the item becomes non-refundable and non-returnable.

The item is identified by our production department as being defective as a result of a manufacturing default.

The item has not had any damage as a result of mishandling or Inappropriate impact (eg. knocks, dents or pressure), and has had no alteration, manipulation, repair or care by a service provider apart from Birgie Jewellery Diamonds or is the consequence of normal wear and tear.

Proof of purchase must be presented.

Diamond jewellery never loses its value at Birgie Jewellery. You always have the freedom to change your jewelry, purchased from Birgie Jewellery with another one at any time you want. In this occasion, the price of your newly selected product should be at least twice the value of its former value. Used items which have been purchased from Birgie Jewellery will be reimbursed with 80% off, from the value of your invoice during your upgrade procedure.

This opportunity is not valid when you would like to upgrade your old jewellery with a discounted product. In the payment of price difference, special discounts will be excluded. However, if you prefer to buy a discounted product, then you should select a product with the value of 3 times more than the price of your previously purchased jewelry. Any changes on the jewellery to be upgraded from its original state such as diamond and mounting amendments and repairs, made by other parties cannot be accepted. Therefore, there should not be any deficit on precious stones and gold content on the product to be changed.

You can reach us 7/24 for your any inquiries at info@birgiejewellery.co.uk