Ordering Policy

All orders placed on this website or through Birgie Jewellery will be subject to acceptance in accordance with these terms and conditions.

The ‘Order Now’ stage sets out the final details of your order. Following this, we will send to you an ‘Acknowledgement of Purchase’ email detailing the products you have purchased.

We do not provide direct access to the details of your purchase on this website. You are therefore advised to print out the ‘Acknowledgement of Purchase’ email for your own records. If you wish to obtain specific details of your previous purchases, please Contact us @+44 747 808 1485.

We only offer online ordering of our products. We are an international company and therefore, we do not have any regular stores or show-rooms in UK at the current time. That is one of the great advantages we have that is reflecting on our non-competitive prices.

Birgie Jewellery is the most trusted online jewellery company operating in New York, Dortmund,Istanbul, Paris and London.