About Us

Who We Are 

Birgie Diamonds has been in the jewellery manufacturing and selling business for over 15 years, with online operations in Turkey, France, Germany, USA and UK. We have always been the trend setter in the markets we took place with our creative and authentic designs. Looking at our jewellery collections, you will notice a harmonised colours, themes and symbols reflecting the eternity of togetherness within the world we live in. Not to mention, we are an online jewellery manufacturer hence reflects on our competitive pricing and marketing campaigns.

We provide variety of models on engagement rings, wedding bands which may optionally be set with bracelets, necklaces and earrings. There are two carat variations, 9ct and 18ct for all our models in all categories. Each item page on our website includes item specifications and descriptions. All prices are VAT inclusive.

We are an online jewellery seller and we are always where you want us to be. For any inquiries or consultancy, you may reach us via phone (available Mon-Fr from 09.00-17.30) or  mail (7 days 24 hours a day) or live-chat during your journey at Birgie Diamonds online store.



The Birgie Diamonds is a company with the promise to only provide the best quality jewellery at the very best prices possible. We pledge as a company to achieve only the highest quality jewellery, pricing and service on a daily basis for our valued customers. The promise of Birgie Diamonds is a direction for our company to ensure that we remain not only the International online store owned and operated but also the most trusted jeweller in United Kingdom.

Core Values

We are committed to work with integrity and to acting against child labor in production and marketing.

We show every customer our dedication and passion.

We are committed to provide proof or solidness and authentication of our gems and diamonds with certification provided and approved by International Gemologists.

We are committed to be transparent with product visuals, content and pricing for all.

We are committed to providing highest quality with the most competitive prices.

Quality Promise

Birgie Diamonds is dedicated to delivering the highest quality with each piece of jewelry produced.

We chose to establish our company with such structure so we do not loose control over quality, standards, ethics, and pride; in all steps of the creation of our pieces that will carry our brand. Every single piece is going through many rounds of inspections, before we deliver it to you.

Our pieces are designed and created according to what we will define together: the quality of the stones, the weight and quality of the metal, the shape, the design: you will always get exactly what you want.

Each Birgie Diamonds precious item is hand crafted by our artisan craftsman and partners and we take pride in our products.

We make our best effort to make sure that every single gold, silver, platinum and palladium at different carats metal maintained from the mine does not contain any additives. We assure our customers satisfaction is at highest with the mounted gems (sapphire, ruby, pearl, emerald), diamonds and semi-precious gems that we use in our jewel production.

We are proud to claim a 100% satisfaction from our customers all around the world and it is our promise to maintain our clients’ satisfaction.

Confidence in Pricing

Buy with confidence knowing that when you buy your jewels from Birgie Diamonds you are getting the best possible quality for the very best price.

Buy online with confidence from Birgie Diamonds knowing that if for any reason you are not satisfied with your jewellery purchase from our online store, you can return it within 14 days for a full refund, subject to meeting the requirements of our refund policy.

Birgie Diamonds unsurpassed buying power allows us to source diamonds and other precious stones from the most reputable suppliers in the industry at exceptionally low prices and be the sole designer and manufacturer  of its collection allows Birgie Diamonds to set the most affordable prices for its collection.