Some Inspiration for Ladies Searching for Perfect Diamond Earrings

Summer is an ideal time for late night partying. As the season arrived, all the lovely ladies would have started their wardrobe shopping by now. Besides having a whole new collection of LBDs, night party gowns and floral beach dresses, it is time to think about accessorizing them right. Styling your dress with the right accessories is very important.

diamond earrings

Diamond’s property of reflecting the sunlight is something that makes it so desirable. Summers ask for minimal; Whether it is makeup or jewelry. So a pair of diamond earrings is just enough to complete the look. Here are a few evergreen designs that would go with all of your summer dresses.

  • Diamond studs – These are the most popular forms of diamond earrings Studs are designed with a single stone housed in a metal cup affixed with a screw. These are designed in a way to highlight the stone and use the least amount of metal. It is a must for all women as you can flaunt it on a special occasion. You can wear a gold pendant with it.
  • Diamond cluster studs – These are the same studs, but the design is quite different. Unlike the single diamond studs , these are different flowery shapes using a number of small diamonds arranged back to back. The presence of such a huge number of diamonds will certainly multiply the shine as there are more sides to reflect light. These generally come under the wear category due to their immense twinkle.
  • The designer collection – The designer collection is for those who are looking for something rather playful and dynamic. This collection constitutes diamond earrings formed using small stones (sometimes colorful) to form broader two-dimensional designs. You will find absolutely unlimited options in this category. From the fragile flowers and butterfly designs to initials, this category has something for every woman.
  • Colored gems with diamonds – If you are looking for something really exquisite, you have an option to try a different gem color. Gems come in an array of colors such as ruby , sapphire, emerald and many more. And if you have a matching diamond ring , what more to ask for? Color adds glamor and value to the jewelry. With a little tint of color, your earrings will turn into lavish statement jewelry.
  • Diamond halo earrings  – A sparkling halo around the center will certainly add a lot of brilliance to a design. The diamond halo earrings design has been there for centuries and is going to stay forever. If you have budget and you like the design, you do not need to think twice about these. For your special occasion collection, this design is a must-have.

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