All That You Need to Know About a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Eternity bracelets have always been a preferred choice among diamond jewelry collectors. Also known as a tennis bracelet, it is a treasure to possess due to its incredible quality of toning well with all types of outfits.

It was just the most admired tennis player. Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during a match, after which the bracelet got its name. Though the design had already been popular, it will not be more attention after the occurrence. The jewelers found it difficult to meet the demands of the design as it was becoming more popular than ever. So what exactly is it?

tennis bracelet

It is a tennis bracelet. It is made of a diamond bracelet. The gems are embraced with a metal clasp with one open end as a safety latch that it completely deserves. Such a basic yet very classic design makes it flexible and comfortable enough to wear in everyday life. Its actual name is being eternity bracelet clearly states that no matter what the latest trends are, you may just pass it through generations like your engagement diamond ring without any doubt.

When it comes to wearing a diamond tennis bracelet, its elegant design is a thing of timeless beauty. You can wear it as a night gown for an evening wedding or you can wear it for a brunette date as well. You can wear it all the time; Just make sure to take it off when you are taking a shower and when you are sleeping for it.

Though wearing a tennis bracelet completes the look, there are certain ways to add your personal touch to your appearance. Here are a few different ways to wear it:

  • Pair it up with a classy watch – Get a stylish and elegant watch to wear your bracelet. This will add buoyancy to your look. Do not forget the look of the bracelet. It should not be something like a sports watch, a digital watch or a plastic watch. Though wearing your bracelet with another accessory makes it more susceptible to receive scratches, you may consider a bracelet with the diamonds encased in platinum which is a scratch-proof metal for that matter.
  • Pair it up with another bracelet – Elegance has no boundaries. You can not miss a pair of elegant studded tennis bracelets. The other one can be a plain metallic bracelet or a similar diamond studded one and the best choice will be the slimmer so it does not camouflage the beauty of each other.
  • Get a matching ring – There’s nothing like having a matching ring in your armlet. The pairing would render the most posh look to your appearance.

Explore the latest diamond bracelets and ring designs here and enjoy the pleasure of owning one of the most precious things that ever existed on the planet!

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